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Are you Looking for Home away from Home?

Dimapur 24 May 2023: Excitement fills the air as Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur, announces the commencement of admissions to its undergraduate programs starting from 24th May 2023. Aspiring students from various backgrounds and aspirations eagerly await this opportunity to embark on a transformative educational journey. The college, known for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, offers a range of undergraduate programs designed to nurture talent and prepare students for a dynamic future. With a focus on fostering critical thinking, ethical values, and practical skills, Salesian College of Higher Education stands as a beacon of educational opportunity in Dimapur. Prospective students are invited to explore the vibrant campus, engage with experienced faculty members, and discover a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and intellectual exploration. The admissions process promises to be a gateway to new horizons and promising futures for those who choose to be a part of this esteemed institution.


Youths Take on Youths

Dimapur: 09 Oct 2020: The Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Dimapur, Nagaland is conducting a two-day seminar on Salesian Youth Pastoral Ministry. The keynote speaker was Fr. (Dr.) Peter Salew SDB, who serves as the Youth Ministry Delegate in the Salesian Province of Dimapur. He spoke of the uniqueness of Salesian Pastoral approach to the youth in the church. The family spirit which creates an atmosphere of openness, experience of love and acceptance is the foundation of the pastoral ministry. The Good Shepherd as the model, the Salesian venture into the pastoral ministry wherever they are sent or placed. The effective system of the Salesians in education and evangelization is the Preventive System which is Reason, Religion and Loving-Kindness. In Reason it includes the dialogue, needs and values; in Religion it includes Knowledge, Practice and Witness and in Loving-Kindness it includes patience, love and service. Thus, Salesian Youth Pastoral Ministry is an integral and holistic approach to the needs of the youth and the Preventive System is the essence of the Salesian Mission amidst the youth. It becomes the style of life and through which the Salesian creates and form the youth as the honest citizens and good Christians. Yet, in our context of multi-religious presence Salesians create an honest citizens and god-fearing human person with personalization of values. Salesian ministry is very much relevant in every context in the world and especially that part of the society which is “exposed and rich in promises.”

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The seminar consists of eight sessions and each with different approaches of the Salesian youth Pastoral Ministry.  The topics are Salesian Youth Pastoral Ministry at Parochial Level, Challenges of Youth Today, Youth and Holiness (Bro Daikho Matthew SDB, Assistant Professor),   Youth Pastoral Ministry in Educational Institutions (Fr CT Varghese SDB, Rector of Don Bosco School Dimapur), Involvement of Lay Salesian Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry in Context of Vocational Training Centres and Valdocco Experience (Fr Jerry VM SDB, Dean of Studies Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Dimapur) and paper presenters from the college.  The Programme is for two days, namely 9 and 10 October 2020.

(Fr. Jaojian Daniel SDB)