22 Week: Thursday 3 September 2020

Readings: 1 Cor 3:18-23 and Lk 5:1-11
Memory of St. Gregory the Great
The Great catch!

“Because of Your Word I will cast the nets”. These words were the meaningful reply of Peter to Jesus in the Gospel of today. But what word? And with what authority? This reminds me of a Priest, who was well known for his pastoral work in the field of family counselling, was asked by a little boy: Father, how can a priest, not married, can give so much of advice to couples without the experience of married life. This is quite similar to the Gospel narration of today. Jesus without any experience of fishing, but with authority like a master tells the well experienced fishermen to cast the net to the deep (duc in alto). Peter and his companions could have laughed at him or ignored his indications, but Peter with great admiration and humility accepts this challenge to go further into the deep waters. They, initially manifested and expressed their failed attempts saying that they worked the whole night tirelessly, but the result was unsatisfactory. They gave a try to the words of Jesus and the result was unimaginable. It was certainly a great Catch. They even had to call other fishermen to pull the net ashore with great quantity of fish. This incident led them to a high admiration for Jesus and greater faith in him. 

Dear brothers and sisters, in the fishing of our life, if we are longing for a great catch, we have to listen and put into practice His Words.  Because His Word can guide and enlighten us from darkness into great ray of hope. It is not a question of professional qualification or hours of hard work that matter but a having heart full of humility and obedience to listen to Jesus and the ability to follow his words and deeds. The man, alone in his tasks, becomes weary in vain: “If the Lord does not build the house, his builders labour in vain” (SI 127). But if he welcomes the inspired Word, he will receive abundant help from the hand of God.

This is the same Word that encourages us today to move forward in our life, in our fishing, in our struggle for peace and profound happiness. Going to deeper waters means for us to seek more knowledge of God, of His Law, of His teachings etc.  The more we immerse ourselves in the Gospel, in the Scriptures, the more we will find answers to our questions, to our anxieties. Man is a being created by God with the aim of living in harmony with Him and with others and this will only happen when he throws himself into the arms of God’s merciful love. Jesus also calls you and me to be fishers of men! He provides the fish for us, but he needs our nets in order to take for Him souls in need of salvation. May our fishing be fruitful and not be restricted to our circle of friendship. Jesus wants us to be fishermen in His Kingdom and the net He gives us is His love and His Word. Do not be afraid! From now on, you will be fishers of men! That’s what Jesus does with you here and now.

With great joy and hope, we have entered in the month of September dedicated to the Word of God (Bible). His Word is a lamp of my steps and light of my path. (Psalm 119). Let us not allow this month to go by without giving little more attention to the Word of God and its influence in our life. Let us remember that the Great Catch depends on our eagerness to  listen to Jesus.   

(By Fr. Jojo Kachappilly SDB)


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