Harmutty too now under the Fury of Flash Flood

Harmutty convent under water on 14 August 2020

Harmutty 14 Aug: Don Bosco Harmutty had never experienced flood at any point of time, even when the whole of Assam experienced flood Harmutty  used to be spared. But today  on 14 August, from morning we began to experience unprecedented situation. Heavy shower started to pour in soon after the Holy mass in the morning ,when we came out the church we found  our campus full of water and began to  witness  a kind of deluge. Soon the call came from convent of Holy Cross sisters, informing us that their walls have fallen and campus was full water.  All around there was flood. Many houses, within short notice, got submerged. We guessed that the sudden deluge was caused by flash flood or cloud burst somewhere in Arunachal Hills. The small river could not taking in the huge flow of water and began to overflow the banks. The pressure was so much that the many walls could not with stand the pressure and gave in. Soon Harmutty that had not experience such a deluge in the past decades was getting submerged. Within two hours the water receded everything was once again back to normal. Now the collapsed walls lay low waiting to be raised. Indeed the year 2020, is very strange and freak.  Like everyone we too are waiting for this year to be over! (by Fr. Tious Varghese SDB)


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