IND Social Communication Meets During the Pandemic Covid-19

Dimapur 4 August 2020: On 4 August 2020, Rev. Fr. Jose Kuruvachira SDB, Provincial of Dimapur Province, convened a meeting of the members of the Social Communication Commission who came on the digital platform of Google Meet, to share the progress made by the Social Communications Department of the province. Rv. Fr. Nazarius Lakra, Vice Provincial, the presiding chairman, began the meeting at 9 a.m., welcoming everyone, around 12 of them. The members present were Fr. Jonas, Fr Tarcisius, Fr. Josekutty, Fr. Felix, Fr. Paul, Fr. Benny, Fr. Christudoss, Fr. T. C. Joseph, Fr. Blasius and Fr. Jossy. Fr. Jonas gave a detailed report of the activities of the social communication department. There was a very active participation by the confreres, with valuable suggestions given. Fr. Benny along with Fr. Christudoss gave a little briefing of the Province Website and digital media platforms managed by the Province. They informed the rest that efforts are being made to revamp the present website using interactive and modern technologies like placing order for publications, direct donation to the province etc. Fr. Benny also intimated that a new weekly photograph page was released on 3 August 2020 and that it would be digitally available to all. The meeting ended with a prayer by Rev. Fr. Vice Provincial. Fr. Provincial and Fr. Vice provincial expressed their appreciation for all YouTube channel content creators that began during the pandemic and the outreach work done by them. Fr. Jonas said that the Dimapur Links, the province newsletter, would henceforth be distributed online rather than publishing in printed form. He expressed some of the difficulties he faced in bringing out Dimapur Links.
Nevertheless, he was fully involved and contributing to this department as he had taken a lot of video coverage of the news and views of the province through YouTube channel.

Among  the  many  topics  that  were  discussed;  the  following  are:

A great need to cover the actual situations and works of the various houses undergoing the Coronavirus pandemic and the flood situation in Assam, etc
Updating of Province website and digitization of the old house chronicle album photos. Getting a detailed history of the houses that have been established for a long time.Getting a full-fledged and dedicated social communications team of trained Salesians and experts, lay people and a proper infra structure.
Rev. Fr. Provincial asked Fr. Jonas if he could take online social communication course for clerics scattered around the province and the country.
To make available the published books and other achievement of confreres.
Collecting a list of publications and to get a copy or two for archive in provincial house.
Writing biographies of certain eminent personalities…Bishop Kerketta, Bishop Abraham, Bishop P. K. George, etc.
The social communications team at present is depending hugely upon the province that is trying to manage during the COVID financial crisis. In this regard, Rev. Fr. Tarcissius suggested as a remedy to revive social communications department  registration of the society to avail funds and get projects sanctioned. The meeting ended with a prayer led by Fr. Nazarius and adigital photo session by Fr. Benny James. Fr. Nazarius thanked everyone at the end of the meeting and thus the meeting was concluded. (Reported by Fr. Jossy Mathews SDB)


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