Member of 8 General Chapters is no MORE!

Fr. Francesco Maraccani (1936-2020) a great Salesian, passed away today to the Salesian garden with serenity. We pray for his eternal rest. After a 83 years of hardworking life, 66 years as professed Salesian and 53 years as Salesian priest. He was an IT expert, principal of DB Technical institute in Brescia (1967-1979), as former provincial of Verona (Italy), Secretary General (1984-2002) and finally as Procurator General (2002-2015), serving for long years in the General House until few months ago (final illness – UPS infirmary). Always joyful, man of prayer and service, suffering all possible operations, with a strong and ecclesial Salesian heart, was member of 8 General Chapters since 1970. We give thanks to God for his life long shining witness of Salesian life! Rest in peace! 


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