From Holy Cross Parish, Dimapur (India) to Chaco in Paraguay

Dimapur 18 Jan 2020: Dn. Angou Francis is ordained a priest by Rt. Rev. James Thoppil DD, the bishop of Kohima, on 18 January 2020 at Holy Cross Parish, Dimapur. The beautifully organised programme was attended by thousands of people from Holy Cross Parish and his own ancestral village in Manipur.

Fr. Angou did his Theological studies at Institute Teologico S. Tommaso, Messian, Sicily, Italy. Heeding to the call of the Lord, Fr. Angou has opted to be a missionary among the Chaco tribe of Paraguay. Fr. MC George, from the office of Mission Procurator in Italy, represented the Mission Superior, Fr. Guilermo Basanes SDB.

The parents of Fr. Angou are Mr. Lungpeheing Philip and Mrs.K. Regina. He has two brothers. After his Philosophical studies he was sent to Italy for his practical training and Theological studies. As he begins a new journey in his life, may the Lord bless him abundantly.

Rector Major with the people of Chacos in Paraguay.

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