Jubilee Gift

Dimapur 11 Jan 2020: Fr. Jose Chacko SDB celebrated 25 years of priesthood on 11 Jan. 2020 at his home town. While sharing his thoughts on the day of the anniversary of his ordination he said, “There are three things about my jubilee…

1. I got ordained on 11- 1 – 1995. On the same day was the jubilee celebration of the Parish.

2. I was the first priest from the parish. Now there a total of 14 priests from my parish (there were only 200 families in my parish at that time.) I got ordained in the silver jubilee year of my parish. It was considered a jubilee gift.

3. I used the same Cassock which I used for my ordination for my jubilee mass as well”.

The well attended jubilee celebration testified God’s marvellous love and faithfulness. May He continue to bless Fr. Jose Checko.


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