VSDBs in Maram Khullen

Indeed 10th November 2019 was a memorable day for us, the Visitation Sisters of Don Bosco, Madonna N’Pung, Maram Khullen where the blessing of our new convent took place. The Holy Mass started 10.45am. Rev. Fr. Jose Kuruvashira SDB, the Salesian provincial of Dimapur province, solemnised the Holy Eucharist and was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Cyraic, the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Maninchera Assist. Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Thomas Ekka, Vice Principal of DBHSS, Maram centre,  Rev. Fr. Nebu,the province economer, Rev. Fr. T.T. Joseph, the province procurator, Rev. Fr. Benny, Secretary of the Province, and Rev. Fr. Sunny, the vice principal of Don Bosco College, Maram. 

Rev. Fr. Cyraic welcomed all the fathers, well-wishers and faithful who came to join the celebration. He introduced to the faithful all the fathers who were present during the Eucharistic celebration.

After the Holy Eucharist, Provincial Rev. Fr. Jose Kuruvashira blessed the new house. A touch of culture presented right after the religious ceremonies by the students. 

Sr. Kholia Alfonsa, the community leader of Madonna N’Pung thanked Rev. Jose, the provincial and the Salesians of  Dimapur province for inviting the sisters to serve the people at Maram Khullen. Added words of gratitude to all the priests and invitees for encouraging the community with their presence. 

Sister mentioned that the presence of Sr. Rosa FMA, The superior of Auxilium Convent, Sr. Martha FMA, Catechist and his family, Mrs. Rang ADC, Maram Khullen, Church Committee, women president and Secretary, youth president and secretary, Uncle Moses, teachers and students of St. John Paul II enabled the community to feel the warmth and support in our efforts in this mission.

She expressed her deep sense of gratitude to all the fathers who took the initiative to invite the VSDB particularly Rev. Fr. K.S. Joseph, Rev. Fr. N.J. Francis who began this project in spite  of many challenges

She thanked Br. Banarius and his staff for their enormous contribution in bringing the building into shape.  

She made an earnest appreciation to Rev. Fr. Cyraic and Fr. Roy for taking up the arduous task in completing the construction, keeping in mind the various challenges involved due to the location.

We, Madonna N’Pung are grateful to the Salesian community, Maram Khullen for all the help and support they are extending to us. May God continue to reward them.

Sr. Alisha Mary Mawlong VSDB


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