Provincial Visits Don Bosco Chingmeirong

The canonical visitation of the Salesian house of Don Bosco Chingmeiromg was held from3 to 8 November 2019.

Fr Kuruvachira Jose SD addressed the house council members at the start of the visitation and implored the race of God as he prayed with the community for an outpouring of the holy spirit. He took him time speaking and dialoging with each member of the community and offering suggestions for the better running of the works as well as for a more committed and Salesian religious life. He also celebrated the Holy Eucharist in the Mary Immaculate Parish and met the leaders of the church and the lay associations of the Parish. As part of the visitation he had a meeting with the Archbishop Imphal. With the Rector and some of the confreres he paid a visit to Keihao village and Thayong village where new Salesian activities are proposed.

He also met with the teachers and young people of the Ravalico College hostel, Don Bosco School and the Boarding in Chingmeirong.

For the financial and Educational matters he was assisted by the Economer Fr. Nebu and Fr.TT Joseph. At the conclusion of the visitation, he had a council meeting and presented a detailed report along with suggestions for lines of action for the coming year.

by Fr. Adahe Paul SDB


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